Identity & Access Management

Creates, maintains, and manages individual identities, their information and access to resources.

Your technology profile at Ohio State allows you to access resources through streamlined, efficient technology and processes. The role of IAM is to create, maintain and manage individual identities and their information. For example, IAM:

  • Provides Faculty, Staff, Students an Ohio State Username and an email account for accessing University Systems
  • Provides centrally administered user access to University Administrative Systems
  • Provides methods and technology to securely log on to University Systems including Multi-factor authentication (MFA) and Web Single Sign On
  • Provides a sponsored guest registration process

Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) provides a second layer of security to your Ohio State account.  In order to authenticate, it requires something you know (your password) and something you have (a mobile device or phone).  Our multi-factor authentication service is called BuckeyePass.  The BuckeyePass service is powered by Duo Security, a proven solution in multi-factor authentication.

Privileged Access Management

Privileged Access Management (PAM), as an Enterprise Service, aims to provide a repeatable process to identify, securely store, and automate controls around the university's most critical accounts.  Misuse of privileged accounts can expose the university to insider and external threats resulting in data breaches.  These breaches can cause potentially crippling operational or reputational damage to the university.  

Identity Management

Ohio State Account and Identity Management oversees several services that protect and maintain the university digital identities of students, faculty or staff members and sponsored guests:

  • Ohio State Username: lastname.# and password
  • Sponsored Guest Accounts: individuals requiring access to university systems who do not have a current affiliation
  • Find People: Ohio State’s Online Directory

Identity Management maintains the website to manage university account activation and password changes (i.e. Ohio State Username and password).  When users change their password changes are synchronize almost immediately for resources like:

  • BuckeyeLink (students)
  • University Email Service (faculty and staff)
  • BuckeyeMail (students)
  • OSU Wireless
  • Carmen (online learning)
  • Parking permit
  • Faculty and staff Discounts (via the OHR website)

Access Management

Provides centrally administered user access to The Ohio State University Administrative Systems, and other mission critical systems, so university Faculty, Staff and Students have the necessary application resources to do the work of the university.

Web Single Sign-On

The Web Single Sign-On Service offers a standard set of authentication and authorization services to web-based applications. It allows web sites to authenticate users by means of OCIO-managed “name.#” accounts, and access to useful institutional data about users at the time of login.

In addition to supporting campus-hosted applications, it supports secure access to off-campus “cloud-based” commercial services and to a variety of services operated for research, collaboration, and instruction through our membership in the InCommon Federation.

Staff can assist with the planning and integration of SSO into new cloud services contracted by departments and should be contacted as early as possible in the procurement process to ensure compliance with university technical requirements.

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