Security Operations

Identifies intrusions, conducts investigations and orchestrates remediation of security incidents.

The Security Operations team constantly monitors university systems to thwart criminals who attempt to breach our systems and compromise our data. The team collects information about cybersecurity attacks and dynamic strategy to prevent the exposure of university data.

Security Portal

An important component in comprehensive security is ensuring everyone who is responsible for securing our data has access to the latest security news and information. The Security Operations team maintains a security portal to ensure distributed IT professionals across the university can access the tools they need.

Log Management

Ohio State’s Enterprise Security team provides a no-cost Log Management Hosting service to help IT professionals collect machine data from sources such as computer systems, networking equipment and websites in order to capture access and other security-related events. This data is retained in accordance with Ohio State and Security Framework requirements. The data is available to assist IT professionals with reviewing anomalies and promptly identifying problems with systems under their purview.

SSL Certificates

The Enterprise Security Group manages the SSL certificate process. This is not a mandatory program; units can purchase from any retailer. However, Enterprise Security offers this as a cost-saving option with vendors we have already vetted. We issue certificates in the, and domains. There is currently no cost associated with requesting a certificate.

Team Email

Security Operations Group Email: