IDP Training

The Institutional Data Policy (IDP) training is required annually for individuals who have access to restricted data and for anyone who requires access to certain administrative systems including PeopleSoft, eReports, Operational Data Stores, Financial Data Warehouse and Student Analytics. A user's college or department may also require this training.

In addition to this training, visit the Resources page at the Privacy and Security Academy site to find a collection of non-fiction books on the topics of privacy and security.

How to Enroll in IDP Training

Institutional Data Policy (IDP) training is available for self-enrollment in BuckeyeLearn by searching for “Institutional Data Policy 2019-2020". After you complete the course, you will be able to:

  • Explain your responsibilities for accessing and handling institutional data
  • Identify the four classifications of institutional data
  • Describe how you will find what activities and services are permitted for each classification of institutional data
  • Explain what you should do if you suspect the loss, unauthorized access or exposure of institutional data

 To access the course:

  1. Go to BuckeyeLearn (if prompted, login with your name.# and password).
  2. Search for "Institutional Data Policy 2019-2020” and click “Request.”  The course will be added to your transcript.
  3. Select the My Transcript button on the homepage and locate the "Institutional Data Policy 2019-2020" training and click “Open Curriculum.” 

If you are unable to complete the training all at once you may return to your BuckeyeLearn transcript to continue work on completing the training.   Please note, if you are unable to launch the course, you may need to disable the pop-up blocker.

For technical support, please contact the IT Service Desk online or at (614) 688-4357 (HELP).

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