Securing Removable Media

Removable or external media such as USB flash drives or SD cards should be encrypted because they are easily lost or stolen.  To encrypt removable storage, Bitlocker-to-Go is a good option for Windows systems and FileVault can be used with MacOS. Just as encryption will keep nefarious individuals from accessing the information without the proper keys, you can also lose access to your data if you forget the password or if the data becomes corrupt. Data corruption could occur as a result of hardware failure or abrupt power failures, so it is important to keep backups of important data.  Backups can be encrypted too.

You should never insert a USB storage device into your computer if it has been outside of your control. Devices can be loaded with malicious software (purposely or unknowingly) can infect your computer when you insert it. Because of this risk, if you happen to find one of these portable storage devices you should never plug it into your computer or phone.