IDP Calculator

Welcome to the newly released IDP Calculator Page. This Calculator is a job aid, designed to compile the information from the IDP supporting documents listed below:

Using this Calculator, you simply select the data elements which are in your data source and click “Submit” at the bottom. The resulting page will inform you what services and activities are permitted as well as elements which are controlled by regulations. At the bottom of this resulting page will list the Data levels of each element that you know as well as the overall classification of your data source. This will help you to know what data element is causing the overall classification. Any elements not in the below list should be considered S2.

Data Elements*This field is required.
Select the elements you would like to use.
For more information see "Institutional Data Classifications: Basics".
Contracts and Legal Matters
Financial and/or Facility Access
Health-Related Data
Information Security
Intellectual Property
Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
Research Data
Student Data