iPad Pro Walk Throughs

Applications will frequently ask for access to your photos, calendars, contacts and other files. This page provides step-by-step instructions to modify settings, services and permissions on your iPad Pro.

Best practice is to only allow access to the content of your phone to apps or people you trust. Click through the activities below and follow the steps to configure your iPad appropriate to your intentions.

Connect to Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A virtual private network (VPN) is an encrypted channel for communicating across the internet. While using public Wi-Fi, a VPN ensures you are free from others snooping your traffic. This is particularly importent when accessing sensitive content, like conducting bank transactions.

Location Services

Providing an application access to your location means allowing it to track your movements. If you are using an app that provides helpful functionality, like finding the closest CABS bus in the rain, and from a trusted source like the Ohio State mobile app, location services make sense. However, many apps ask for this access for reasons that don't align with your privacy. Be selective.

To access location services:

 To modify location services:

To modify apps using those location services:


Many apps wish access to your contacts. If the application is used for networking and messaging, it may be helpful to allow this. If, however, there isn't a clear reason why they wish this information, you should consider blocking that access.

To view apps accessing contacts:

Modify apps using those contacts:


Again, if an app doesn't have a reason to be accessing your schedule, consider removing access to this valuable information.

To view apps accessing calendars:

To modify apps using calendars:


Photos are valuable information about you. If you are using a social media app that you intend to use to post your photos, this permission makes sense. However, be deliberate about which apps you trust.

To view apps accessing photos:

To modify apps accessing photos:


With the proliferation of voice-activated commands, voice-to-text and other functionality, these apps require access to your microphone. However, be sure to check this area to make sure other apps haven't gained access you woudn't otherwise provide them.

To view apps accessing the microphone:

To modify apps accessing the microphone:


As with the microphone, allowing an application access to your camera means allowing them eyes on you. Be sure to only allow access to the apps you authorize for use of this functionality. And check periodically to be sure only trusted apps have your permission.

To view apps accessing your camera:

To modify apps accessing your camera:

Delete Applications

To delete unwanted or unused apps:

Update Applications

Updates to applications happen frequently. Often they are to fix software bugs, or even provide new functionality. It is best practice to keep your apps current to the latest version, unless otherwise instructed to not do so.

To update to newest version of an application: