Request Process for Email Forwarding

The university, in an effort to increase its security posture and trust in email delivery, has implemented controls to restrict email forwarding.  These controls are enforced for employees and guests of the university that have university email accounts (restrictions do NOT affect students, alumni and those with Lifetime Email Forwarding Service). 

In rare cases, there may be regulatory or business impact that require an exception to allow forwarding.  Individual requests for an exception may be submitted for approval.  The steps below detail the process for requesting an exception.

  1. A detailed request will be submitted for approval to the Dean or Senior VP of the College or VP area.
    1. The request must contain:
      1. Name.# of the person requesting the exception
      2. Regulatory or business impact that requires the exception
      3. Email address where email would be forwarded if approved
  2. If the Dean or Senior VP approves the request, the employee/guest will forward the approval email and the request to  The access team will then coordinate a review of the request with the University CISO (Helen Patton).
  3. The university CISO will perform an assessment and may request more information if needed.  The university CISO will approve or reject the request.
    1. If Approved - The Access Management team will add the exception for the individual and notify the College Dean or Senior VP and the requesting individual.
    2. If Rejected - The Access Management team will notify the College Dean or Senior VP and the requesting individual with the University CISO’s reason for rejection.