Awareness and Training

Computers are everywhere; they invade virtually every aspect of our lives.  From the moment we rub the sleep from our eyes to check our social media, to the moment we set the alarm on our phones before we close those eyes, technology is the tool of choice for we humans.

Unfortunately, we seldom think of the risks we impose on ourselves through the use of these tools.  That is why The Security Awareness and Training Team’s mission is to help users and the university community make better decisions about how to protect themselves and the university. 

Why do we need awareness and training?

Our awareness and training efforts are designed to:

  • Foster a higher level of interest in good security hygiene
  • Better understand the risky behaviors that endanger ourselves and the university
  • Educate users about the ways Enterprise Security is here to help and make things simpler
  • Provide researchers assistance with understanding and navigating research regulations and risk
  • Provide greater understanding of how to secure ICS/SCADA/IoT systems

What are Security Awareness projects are we working on?

  • Phishing Education:  Many staff and faculty members know us through our work in protecting the university from malicious phishing emails.  At intervals we conduct phishing exercises to regularly report our susceptibility to attacks.  Maybe one of those phish swimming through your inbox came from us.  Just remember, we’re the “good guys”.
  • Awareness and Training:  We assist the university units by providing security training that strengthens the technical abilities of their users while helping them comply with regulations.
  • Incentive Platform:  Ohio State leads.  We do so again with this innovative platform to “gamify” security awareness training.  The platform will focus on a positive reinforcement approach; increasing learning engagement through the principles of gameplay, competition and rewards.

Who can I contact for more information about Security Awareness?

Security Awareness team members include:

  • Becky Mayse:  Senior Security Lead
    Becky comes to us with a passion for information security and a fascination with technology. This former juggler and auctioneer can be found in Mount Hall talking to stakeholders and spreading awareness about phishing. Outside of the office, you can find her passing messages via ham radio—no, really! Although she’d rather be in the tropics or Paris, Becky is enjoying her role at The Ohio State University.
  • Reg Jackson, Security Associate
    Reg lives in Gahanna and comes from a long line of Buckeyes.  He is passionate about the intersection of humans and technology, and is eager to bring value to the team as it works to provide awareness and training to help the community reduce risky behavior in the use of technology. 


Contact Info

For technical support for any of our services, please visit the IT Service Desk Service or call 614-688-4357 (HELP).