The university has embrace of cloud technologies to facilitate safe file sharing. Ohio State teamed up with Box to offer the BuckeyeBox service that offers unlimited storage to students and staff and adds additional protection to Box’s existing security. 

However, all cloud technologies pose some risk. Before considering this as a solution for secure file sharing, please consider the following:

  • You can set sharing privileges of those you invite to access your folder.
    • Consider what privileges are most appropriate, and give each collaborator the minimum required to fulfill their role.
    • If they are only viewing a file, do not give them editor rights. 
    • This will protect your file from integrity issues.
  • If you are sharing using a link, be sure to select what is appropriate to share in the folder link you provide.  If folders include sensitive data, create a link that only allows those with folder access to view the file.

  • Check with your department to determine which cloud solutions are appropriate for use.  Some parts of the university operate with different parameters.  Make sure it is authorized to use this tool.
  • BuckeyeBox is now protected with multifactor authentication. This will NOT affect your ability to share with collaborators outside the university; they will notice no change.

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