Secure Email

When it is appropriate to share protected, restricted or limited-access data, in most cases every effort should be made to provide access using a secure delivery method other than email. However, emails that are transmitted internally between current University Email Services (UES) users are considered encrypted and will NOT require use of another service. This includes messages sent to the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center via UES to email addresses with a domain; these emails are also transmitted through an encrypted connection.

When necessary, it is also possible to encrypt your email message to recipients outside of the university. Encrypting email protects the message from being read by anyone other than the intended recipient. 

Before you send an encrypted e-mail, be sure that:

  • The information you are sending is appropriate for the recipient(s),
  • The message should be encrypted, and
  • Other secure delivery options are not preferable.

To continue sending an encrypted email, follow these easy steps to ensure your data is protected.

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